Most unfortunate!

October 23, 2008

I’ve been trying to steer clear of the Japanese-English oddities, since they get loads of attention. Also because, I think the scrutiny of  misses the point. Advertisers and business owners use English and English-sounding things to appeal to their (non-English speaking) customer base. Japanese marketing English often has a charming, poetic lilt to it. Here’s a gelato chain’s slogan: “Making you feel Nice and Happy by tasting Dipper Dan’s flavor. That’s Our Happiness. Making heartfelt communication between you and Dipper Dan, that’s our wishness.” It’s sweet. And, it doesn’t matter if the words are made up or strangely used, or if the grammar is not technically correct. For the advertiser, making sure the English is correct for native speakers is not a concern. The English is used in such a way to appeal to Japanese consumers. 

That said, I think this was one of the more unfortunate business/English name combinations I’ve seen. If it didn’t say wedding venue, I’d think it was a really different kind of party place, you know?


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