September 18, 2008

Ok, well I thought that my cappuccino foam bear was the best thing that has yet happened in Japan, but a cappuccino foam bear is nothing– nothing!– compared with events today.

G and I were walking through Ginza today, and who darts from Gucci to his waiting white Rolls? Beat freakin’ Takeshi, that’s who. And…? Well, that’s it. He ran right past me, and I geeked out and yelled, It’s Beat Takeshi, it’s Beat Takeshi!

That was it. But, still, it was so great. The only Japanese celebrity I would be able to identify, and he goes right past!

(Frankly, it’s tempting to be a little down on Beat these days, since after making multiple iconic films, and establishing himself as Japan’s foremost contemporary filmmaker, he now has a pretty lame tv show. On the other hand, the work that he has done gives him a rest-of-his-lifetime pass for mediocre work. Those Rolls aren’t cheap, you know. So, every time I see his show, I just shut my eyes and think of Hanabi.)


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