Let’s Wedding

September 6, 2008

According to The New York Times, as of 2005 only 1.4 percent of Japan’s 127 million people are Christians, but Christian-style ceremonies accounted for three-quarters of Japanese weddings. When G and I first got to Tokyo, we were walking through the back streets of Omotesando, and found a fabulously gothic-concrete church. We were momentarily surprised to find a church in that neighborhood until we realized that it wasn’t a working church, but a wedding chapel.

Japanese Western-style weddings are all-artifice and all the rage. The ceremony is run by a foreign male acting as priest, and the chapels tend to conveniently have wedding dress shops located right next door.G and I saw one such one-stop-shop at the JR Tower in Sapporo: wedding planner, chapel, and dress shop all in one convenient location. It’s like, all Western weddings in Japan are like Vegas hotel weddings.

Many brides do wear white for the ceremony, and then change into one or more princess-y gowns for the reception. G and I bicycled past one such reception the other night; we strained to peer through the fence to get a look just as the groom and his bride (in a completely red princess dress- slightly reminiscent of the Beetlejuice wedding, come to think of it) waited to enter the reception hall. We could see laser lights and hear a rock version of “Here comes the bride.” 

All of which adds up to me not having to explain the above image any further. I do wonder, though, if that’s what the bride is wearing, then — good lord– I wonder what she’s done to the bridesmaids?


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